RePear is a puzzle-platformer with a twist: 

Two players set out from opposite sides of a map to repair their broken relationship. 

Help one another solve puzzles, resolve conflicts, and meet in the middle in this local co-op game. Be sure to communicate! You can't win without working together.

As you progress, the world will fill with color, and an adaptive soundtrack will build as you get closer to reuniting. Best played with headphones!

Thanks for playing! <3

Downloadable version can be found here.

Created at Global Game Jam 2020 NYC, working with the theme "Repair" RePear uses WASD and Arrow Controls.

David Duhl-Coughlin - Design/Art 
Axel Kazis-Taylor - Composition/Sound Design
Richard Lam - Design/Art
Victor Payano - Programming
Adam Zmudzinski - Programming

ASSET SOURCE COMPONENTS: The Noun Project: Afebaulia, Angelina, AomAm, Fahmionline, Iconic, Jamil Ramirez, Kyle Dodson, Made by Made, Maxim Kulikov, P Thanga Vignesh, Thomas Helbig, vonef.

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